Friday, April 25, 2014


When it comes to clothes I'm all about basics and neutrals. Good quality tees in mix-and-matchable colors, well-fitting jeans, lots of greys and charcoals and whites. I've also come to a few resolutions lately for how I'm going to shop for tops from now on. I've gotten really tired of cuts that sort of hug the arm and armpits--it's so uncomfortable!--and I've always loved the looser, more flowing look. I realized there's no reason to put up with shirts that I don't find comfortable. Loose tops are sophisticated, classic, effortless, and there are so many beautiful and stylish options available these days that are feminine-slouchy, not sloppy-slouchy. (Read this post from a favorite blogger for more on the topic.)

Anyway, I've discovered Everlane's Ryan Tees and think they're lovely--the perfect fit, the right amount of looseness while remaining super flattering and shapely, and so classic. I love the tomboy-ish front pocket and think they're so cute tucked or untucked, alone or under a cardigan or blazer. Plus, this company's customer service? Well, I have a story for you...

I bought my first Ryan Tee a few months ago in heather grey and have worn it obsessively since. So I was bummed out when I noticed a teeny-tiny hole down toward the bottom one day last week. I think Everlane makes beautiful quality shirts and I believe this was just a random fluke. Maybe it snagged on something as I was walking? It wasn't even really that noticeable but since I know this company prides itself on quality and making its customers happy I decided to type out an email to their help desk. I raved about this shirt and said I thought it might be worthwhile to email, that perhaps I could get a small discount on a future purchase?

Within an hour or two I got an email from Justin at Everlane telling me that they would be more than happy to put credits in my account, enough to cover one new Ryan Tee plus shipping. That's $33 worth of credits. I was blown away. They didn't want me to send this one back, they were simply happy to help me out on a future purchase and glad I wanted to keep supporting their business. Is that not unheard of in the customer service world?

So, inspired by Everlane's (and Justin's) generosity, I ordered three new Ryan Tees instead of one. This is the kind of company I like to support, and that level of service totally deserves an enthusiastic customer response. (Also, I couldn't decide between this, this, or this, so I didn't!)

This is not a sponsored post, just a story about a company that really impresses me. I highly recommend trying one of Everlane's tees for yourself!


  1. I so wish I wasn't expanding by the minute right now. But, similarly, my first pregnancy purchase was Gap maternity vnecks in white, navy, and gray. Love them.

  2. The Ryan tees would totally work for a growing belly. Seriously!


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