Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Sweet Moment

We witnessed the cutest thing in church a few weeks ago. There was a family sitting in the pew in front of us--a mother and father, a daughter who was maybe 6, and a son who looked like he was about 4. The kids were really sweet and spent most of the service coloring quietly. At one point, the little girl got up to show her dad a drawing she did of a man and when my husband and I caught a glimpse of her drawing as she showed it off, we thought it was the cutest thing in the world.

She had drawn (very prominently) black plug earrings in the man's ears, identical to the ones her own father was wearing. And she specifically pointed them out to her dad as she beamed and he lovingly smiled back at her. 

I would say it's pretty atypical for a dad to have plug earrings and lots of tattoos and a mohawk. The point of this isn't what he looked like or what I thought of it (he actually pulled it off quite well--maybe he was in a rock band?). The point is that this girl's dad did have these things, and she was proud of him and looked up to him and loved him exactly as he was. She drew his quirky and unusual style choices into her drawing of him, and beamed with pride as she shared it.

It made me think of my relationship with my own dad--not because he has plug earrings or a mohawk (!) but because of that adoring look I witnessed between father and daughter. I think any Daddy's Girl would have recognized that look. It was such a sweet moment. I feel lucky to have seen it.


  1. I LOVE catching those moments between loved ones. And what a sweet story. I have great memories from the church pew with my parents and siblings as a kid. Even when kids are too young to really "get it" there is something special about that family time.

  2. They were a really cute family, so cute it distracted me from the service! Haha!

  3. kids don't judge. I love that. they manage to notice differences entirely without bias. Wish we could get that back!

  4. Yes--it really was touching and so innocent.


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