Monday, October 7, 2013

Embracing Patterns

I really love and gravitate toward neutrals. White, ivory, earthy greens and antique golds and oil-rubbed bronze. I believe that if the furniture and art and other decor are interesting enough, an all-neutral space can certainly be pulled off. Neutral rooms are calming and soft and feel natural.

But I also think it's fun to add in splashes of color, and fun textures and materials like metals, or old, antique wood. Most recently, I've began to embrace patterns and I love how they have mixed into our eclectic style. Here are some snapshots from around our living room.

This tribal blanket is incredibly soft and I think it pops against the ivory chair. The pattern feels both modern and ancient to me. I love that.

This tray is perfect for keeping a few things organized on our coffee table, such as books and coasters, and I think the black on white pattern is so fresh and sophisticated.

I wanted a funky pot for this aloe plant that I got at the farmer's market. Orange is normally not a color I love (not a bit!) but this particular orange is more of a coral, and it's offset by the ivory and the antique "crackle" look.

We got this black and white striped throw when we first moved here. It's classic yet contemporary, and it looks nice against the tray, too.

Too much of this toile would not be good--the French country style is lovely but can be a little overpowering if taken too far. But when I rest this little handmade pillow against my metal Tolix chair, which sits by my 1936 piano, the result is a happy mix of rustic and industrial, antique and retro.

Tell me about the patterns in your home! Do you love neutrals, or do colors make you happy? I'd love to hear.


  1. Color and patterns all the way! Perhaps, in my case, to a fault. I absolutely love your tray and the aloe pot! What kind of piano do you have, by the way? From the side, it looks like it has an art deco sort of vibe.

  2. Oh, I really love greys and whites and I love to pair them with colours like poppy red, cerulean or any green or yellow. I usually connect with textures more than patterns so...yup! Did you have to work up to loving patterns? I think I may have to!

  3. you REALLY need to go back to Target to get that little beige and orange rope basket that you linked to a few weeks (months?) ago!

  4. Patterns are tricky to do right and I think you've got some great ones in your home! I think the key is to surround patterns by simple, complimentary pieces.

  5. I know! It was so cute! My ability to resist didn't serve me well on that one :)

  6. Thanks! I think you're right. I also gathered these patterned pieces over time--it helps when you really "know" your space, then when you see a specific pattern you can instantly envision it in your room and know if it will work or not.

  7. I love neutrals and colors and patterns all depending on how it's brought together. I gotta say I'm LOVING that black and white tray you have. And I'm incredibly jealous of your piano. Such a beautiful space. I'd love to see the whole picture sometime. Beautiful job decorating girl!

  8. Thank you Courtney! The tray was a recent Target find (love their designer collaborations). And thanks for the sweet comment about my piano. It is a beauty and I feel lucky to have it! I have another baby grand piano in storage waiting until we have a bigger place, and I really want to keep the upright too-- am hoping we have the space for both!

  9. That would be amazing to keep both. And you'll have to have a piano friend over so you can perform concertos together! I've always wanted two pianos so I could do that. hehe


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