Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Antique Family Linens

We received the most lovely belated wedding gift a few weeks ago. At the last minute, my mom's cousin and her husband couldn't make it to our wedding, and so when we saw them a few weeks ago up in Newport they gave us the gift they'd chosen for us. I opened the gift with my mom before we left for the airport, and I was so touched by the specialness of the things inside.

These antique linens are family heirlooms. They were handmade by either my great-grandmother or my great-great-grandmother on my mom's side. And they're exquisite--look at the details in the photo above! I can't even imagine the time and love that must have been poured into the making of these.

I'm thinking of having the round linen framed. The tablecloth seems sturdy enough to be used, but the other one is so delicate that I think I'd be afraid it would get damaged if I kept it out. It's so gorgeous and I think that framing it would allow us to see it often and enjoy it for years to come.

Such a beautiful and meaningful gift, don't you think? Especially for this gal who goes wild for antiques and family heirlooms and old treasures!


  1. Oh good, glad to get your vote on framing! And agreed--family heirloom gifts are just so special to receive.

  2. These are gorgeous!! What a special gift to receive. Ditto on the framing of the round one. This is artwork.

  3. Well said, it totally is a work of art. I'm excited to share the framed final product :)

  4. That is beautiful! I think gifts like that are the best! I know on Tim's side, his mother has kept lots of things passed down from generation to generation, but my mom hasn't :-(

  5. Thanks! Family heirlooms are just priceless. You're lucky that your mother-in-law has saved some family items!


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