Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 24

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning so I thought I'd type out this post before starting the rest of my day. I've been in a major, moody funk the last few days, so I'm hoping that a little bit of morning blogging will be therapeutic.

Before I move on to my Sunday Currently, I thought I'd share some of Verily's Daily Doses that have been speaking to me. I love each one of these so very much. I can feel my mood lifting just reading through these words.

Reading Gone With The Wind. At long last! I'm not sure how it has escaped my grasp up until now. It's beautiful and I'm loving it.

Writing this post, and that's all for now.

Listening to early morning crickets chirping outside.

Thinking too hard. I'm an over-thinker (to a serious fault) and I'm still learning ways to just shut my mind down for awhile. It's exhausting and un-productive to think so hard all the time.

Smelling fresh coffee. We are out of tea and expecting some more any day in the mail, which means I get to resort to coffee for a few days (which is really a treat).

Wishing for a trip with one of my good girlfriends who lives in San Francisco. We had some really great back-and-forth phone calls this weekend and she's one of my favorite people to talk to about life and its many ups and downs. We're hoping for a much-needed girls weekend together this fall.

Hoping that one of my engaged friends has that magical moment when she tries on my wedding veil. I'm going to let her borrow it (assuming she has that moment and it's just right) and it will make me so happy to see her walking down the aisle with the same veil I wore on my wedding day.

Drinking coffee.

Wearing PJs still, and covered in my favorite black and white striped blanket.

Loving the power and hope of prayer.

Wanting so many things that require patience and trust.

Needing a weekend in Atlanta, starting this Friday. I can't wait to visit my little brother and two of my best girlfriends.

Feeling peaceful and rested at this moment, and hoping that the moodiness of the past week is gone.

Clicking on information for this sweet little Georgian town. I think we'll spend some of this weekend here. My little brother has been in Atlanta all summer for an internship and it would be neat for him to see a different, more rural side of Georgia. Plus, I can more easily pretend I'm in Scarlett O'Hara's Georgia in a town like this than in a town like Atlanta.

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  1. Gone with the Wind!! One of my all-time favorites. Isn't it the best? :)

    Laura @

  2. Yes!! I read somewhere that an early reviewer wrote that Gone With The Wind was the shortest long novel she'd ever read. It's so true....the writing and the story are so brilliant and it's hard to put down.

    I'm kind of ashamed it has taken me 25 years to get to reading it.... :/

  3. You have me obsessed with Verily magazine, btw. It's lovely.

    It's good to hear that GWTW is a great book. I have thought about adding it to the "list" and your rec is good enough for me.

    I hope your blues go away before this upcoming weekend. And, if they don't, I'm sure your weekend trip will take care of it!

  4. Thanks Tina :)

    Glad you're loving Verily. Have you subscribed? I love that their blog keeps me sustained between issues. Verily's editors are really doing something right.

    And do add Gone With The Wind to your list!!

  5. I've never read Gone With the Wind either, though it does seems like the type of book I would enjoy. I hope that your mood lifts and that you have a lovely time in Atlanta! Sometimes a change of scenery is enough to change perspective for the better.

  6. Thanks Sarah! I think my weekend in Atlanta will definitely do the trick :)

  7. Kristyn @ Milk + CrownAugust 5, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    I love these quotes, especially the one by Virginia Woolf. So beautiful :) And I am the same way, I overthink too often and it's very exhausting. I wish I could figure out a way to get my mind to just breathe sometimes. Yoga helps occasionally.

  8. It's totally exhausting, and so hard to shut it off when you have an overactive mind. Yoga does help--I was just looking up new classes around here to join!

    p.s. Just purchased one of your necklaces--you're so talented!

  9. Kristyn @ Milk + CrownAugust 5, 2013 at 10:49 AM

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You are too sweet :)

  10. The power of hope and prayer is such a wonderful thing. You can't imagine how many prayers I was saying and asking of my friends and my immediate family as we had a major medical family emergency 2 weeks ago for my Mother in Law. We came back to Blacksburg on Friday (jul26) and called his father that evening to let him know we got back into town ok. He was at the hospital with his mother who suffered a stroke that afternoon. My husband was ready to get back in the car and drive 6 hours back (to which I said that was not a smart idea - even though I knew we needed to). My husband, a huge mommas boy, was a mess, asked me to call the local priest and he went and saw him because at the time, things were not looking good. We were back in the car (after picking up mail and then stopping it again, and after paying some bills and getting re-packed) and back in Annapolis by early evening Saturday.
    Prayers were so needed....and granted because his mother is doing much better....getting better everyday (granted a long road to recovery w/ Rehab).

    So yes..."loving" the power of prayer is a thing I do too!

  11. Oh I'm so sorry to hear all of this....but also so happy that you've been relying so much on prayer and that it has worked for your mother-in-law. That sounds really tough. I will say a prayer for your family!


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