Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thrift Shop Find: Vintage Wire Basket

Recently, we've been saving lots of glass jars that once held jam or jelly, spices and sauces. I've found that they're perfect for storing pantry items like sesame seeds, chocolate chips, flax seed, and shredded coconut, and recycling old jars makes so much more sense than buying new mason jars. I love the way these foods look in glass and it's easy to spot each item when they're crowded together on the shelves. Glass jars are also ideal for storing leftovers in the fridge. It's quite a bit easier to see through glass than tupperware, so we're less likely to accidentally let something go bad because we couldn't see it very well!

Because glass is breakable, I needed to find a way to store these jars in a place that was accessible but safe. Until now they were crowded in with the tupperware on a lower shelf and it was just an accident waiting to happen. And our jar collection was really growing, so it was time to figure out a solution.

I decided they would look really neat in some kind of a wire basket on top of the fridge. I was so thrilled to come across this fantastic vintage gym locker in a consignment shop in Serenbe, Georiga this weekend. I was hoping to find something with a worn-in, sturdy look to it, instead of buying a shiny new wire basket (which tend to look sort of cheap). This basket is just perfect and I love the number plate on the front too!

I love the way the industrial-looking basket looks against our beautiful, hand-carved wooden basket (a wedding gift from some Alaskan friends of ours). Rustic mixed with vintage is always a great combination!

What do you think? Do you save and use glass jars? I think they're perfect for gifts too. A little spray paint or fabric on the tops would go a long way in making them extra adorable and gift-worthy!


  1. Great find, I love the vintage look of this wire basket!

  2. not to be a (I don't know what the word I'm looking for it - anti-trendster?), but once upon a time everyone saved old jars to reuse just like you are! when I told my mom that people who have never before used a mason jar bought them to use as props for their weddings, she was horrified. (she makes jam so they're all over her house.) you go girl :)

  3. That's an awesome find! I've been looking for a few to decorate with and have had no such luck! We keep tons of jars around our house because we try to use mostly glass for storage. I freeze breast milk in smaller ones and can food in the bigger ones. I also use them for flowers, pencils, etc. You name it, a mason jar can be used for it ;)

  4. Thanks Christine, I was so happy to find just what I was looking for!

  5. I agree with you! I definitely see this as an old-fashioned thing too. My mom also is a jam maker and she gave me about 70 of her jars to use for my homemade spiced nuts that I gave away as wedding favors. So cool to re-use family jars rather than buy new.

    I think I'm just now discovering the wisdom of saving all of my old jars because I'm still figuring out how to "run" our household, if you know what I mean. I hate being wasteful and love to be thrifty, which I imagine is how the saving jars tradition started to begin with! With thrifty wives...

  6. I know, I've seen them on Etsy but they're pretty pricey. (I got this one for $18 which I think is a great price.) I love that I can see through the basket to the jars! I noticed in one of your recent posts that you do lots of canning and I think that's awesome. I plan to have my mom teach me how to can and make jam once we're a little closer to family and have our own home. :)

  7. I love your basket! I would love to store our extra jars in something neat like that. My husband and his friend are amateur picklers, so we have tons of jars laying around in between their experiments. I'll have to look around for a wire basket, too! I love the combination of vintage and rustic. It feels comfortable and lived in, you know?

  8. Thanks Sarah! How cool that your husband pickles things!! Let me know if you find some neat storage for your extra jars. I have seen baskets like this on Etsy and a few other high-end online consignment shops, but they were a bit to expensive in my opinion. But maybe Craigslist? Keep me posted :)


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