Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Day Advice

Today, I'm linking up with Betsy Transatlantically, who is getting married on Saturday! She put out a call for wedding day advice and I couldn't resist. Betsy, have a beautiful wedding day.

When you first wake up, take a few moments to yourself to think about what this day is all about. It will feel a little surreal and so wonderful.

Take an extra luxurious shower that morning.

Save lots of time for getting ready. You don't want to have to hurry through putting on your dress, your shoes, your jewelry. Relish this time and make sure everything is perfect.

Allow your bridesmaids to do things for you (hold your purse, track down this person or that person, put your bouquet in a safe place at the reception). It will keep you from becoming frazzled and they'll be happy to help the bride.

Give your parents a few extra hugs and thank them--for everything.

Memorize the look on your groom's face as you walk toward him down the aisle.

Really savor the beauty of your vows, the beauty of the music, the beauty of your love being witnessed.

Don't spend too much time taking photos. It's more fun to be as present as possible and to enjoy each moment as it happens.

Show off your shoes.

Enjoy how the word "husband" feels across your tongue.

Notice your guests' smiles and laughter and bright faces and remember that it's all in celebration of your new marriage.

Remember how blessed you are to be marrying this man on this day.

Eat a full piece of wedding cake.

Find your parents again and hug them.

Most of all, fill yourself up with all of the love of the day. Your wedding day is about uniting two souls in love, and each moment will be beautiful.


  1. Lovely post! Very sweet--and good advice.

    Laura @ http//

  2. Katie @ Loverly SheAugust 21, 2013 at 9:57 AM

    You were SUCH a beautiful bride, Kate!
    Love these bits of advice, especially about memorizing the groom's expression :) I definitely remembering thinking that in the moment!

  3. You're so sweet Katie, thank you!

    I can still picture what my husband looked like as I walked down the aisle and that memory is worth a thousand photos, in my opinion :)

  4. This is such wonderful advice, and a lovely picture :) I especially like the part about eating a full piece of wedding cake, I don't remember eating much of anything at our wedding and I wish we had!

  5. Thanks Andrea, I loved your advice too! Our cake was so delicious. I remember grabbing a piece of cake and standing with one of my bridesmaids until I finished it. I let nothing distract me from those precious few minutes of eating my wedding cake!

  6. what a great bit of advice... a friend from work is getting married in a couple of weeks, i sent her a text to check out your blog today... i hope she does, she will really love it!

  7. Such good advice, Kate!! I'll have to read this again next year :)

  8. How perfect! I hope she enjoys it :) I get so excited for brides-to-be knowing they're about to have the most amazing day ever...

  9. Glad you think so my friend :) I'd be honored if you read it in preparation for your big day! So excited for you.

  10. Such beautiful advice! I especially love the cake bit. :) I wish I had eaten more of our cake... I may re-order a smaller version the next time we're up in the area because it was so ridiculously delicious and perfect. Mmmm, officially salivating now.

  11. Great advice. I found the best piece of advice to maybe be "let go"

  12. oh YAY Kate thank you for this! I'm really going to have to focus on letting go (as counterintuitive as that sounds) in the morning because we have so much time before the 5pm ceremony - the hairdresser doesn't come till 1pm! Buty ou'll be glad to hear I packed a sachet of lavender bath salts to help :)

    And I do hear that you never eat at your own wedding but I will insist on eating a full slice of cake with my HUSBAND eeeeeeee!

    thank you so much! (and that photo is magical. wow.)

  13. That's a great idea! That would be a fun anniversary idea. We had a lot of leftover cake too (two whole tiers) so we kept whipping out wedding cake from the freezer throughout the year after our wedding! I never got sick of it.

  14. I found it surprisingly easy to "let go" on our wedding day. I felt so relaxed and calm and was really thankful for that. I had "nervous energy" but other than that, I felt like myself. Loved your post today.

  15. You're so very welcome. Our ceremony was late too (4 pm) but I loved it that way....the getting ready started at noon, so all morning was spent gabbing with my mom, dad, and girlfriends, texting sweet things to my soon-to-be, and taking that luxurious shower! I hope you really savor those hours too. Lavender bath salts were a GREAT idea.

    Enjoy that cake :) I'll be thinking of you on Saturday!

  16. Aw, this makes me want to get married again! I agree with every one of these :)

  17. Isn't getting married the best?! :)


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