Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Currently Volume 11

The restaurant we went to for Easter brunch was on a lake and these beautiful pink-flowered bushes were everywhere! They were much more charming in person, but I thought I'd include this snapshot anyway.

Well, I missed my Sunday Currently last week, and this week I'm hours later than usual. I do have some pretty good excuses, but I also don't plan to make a habit out of it. I really enjoy and look forward to writing these posts in the early morning each Sunday.

I hope you all are having a beautiful Easter. We went to Mass and brunch in a nearby town that we don't know too well, and an older couple (they have been married for 56 years!) took us under their wing. We met them at church and they told us the best place to go to brunch, then invited us to sit with them, and they even insisted on treating us at the end of the delicious meal. Talk about generous and loving people, who clearly model their lives on the man whose resurrection we celebrate today. It's been a lovely Easter.

Reading A Severe Mercy, as well as catching up on some blog reading.

Writing This post, and jotting notes for some other ones. I'm also brainstorming ideas for some freelance articles.

Listening to peace and quiet!

Thinking about the kindness of strangers. My husband and I both hope that when we're 80 years old we will be as gracious and kind to a random young couple or two, as Tom and Betty were to us today.

Smelling my perfume, Versace Bright Crystal. I've gotten to the point where I only really wear perfume on special occasions, and today certainly constitutes as one!

Wishing my family and in-laws and friends--and all of you!--a Happy Easter.

Hoping and praying for the renewal that this season promises.

Wearing high-waisted, wide-bottomed light blue/gray linen pants from Anthropologie. And a pale pink top tucked in.

Drinking nothing at the moment. I think I'll go pour myself some water!

Loving my husband, my family, my God.

Wanting to make lamb next week. I love lamb on Easter and was going to make it for today, but our plans changed at the last minute. The recipe I love is in our cookbook--if I do end up making it, I'll share it with you all (the recipe, not the lamb!).

Needing a little snack. How I could possibly be hungry after our huge brunch is beyond even me. My husband jokes that I'm always eating! That's what a fast metabolism will do to you.

Feeling mellow and happy.

Clicking nothing at the moment--I just popped on my computer to write this post. But I think I'll check the NYTimes for some Sunday news. Are you clicking anything interesting?

Have a lovely evening!
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  1. Wow, Betty and Tom sound amazing- how lucky that you met them! Sounds like it was a wonderful easter. Hope the rest of the day is just as good :)


  2. They really were. I love unforgettable chance encounters with strangers. And thanks--happy Easter to you!

  3. Aww... lunch on the lake surrounded by beautiful tree blossom-what can be better, right?:)

  4. How kind of that couple! I love stories like that. :) I'll look forward to seeing your lamb recipe! I've never made lamb, and for some reason I'm rather daunted by it.

    I'm glad to hear you had a happy Easter!

  5. What a beautiful Easter! Acts of kindness like Tom and Betty's are so lovely. I am always so moved when I experience moments like that, and I strive to be kind to others in turn. Imagine what a peaceful world we would live in if people were more invested in kindness!

  6. Thanks Natalie! I know, stories like this are wonderful, and even better when they are your own! We felt so lucky to have met them.

  7. Me too, Sarah, they really touched our lives. I am sure we'll never forget this Easter!


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