Thursday, September 11, 2014

House Tour: Bathroom

Phew! Almost done with this house tour. I hope you've been enjoying it! One of my motives all along has been to demonstrate (hopefully) that renting a house doesn't have to be limiting. We've been able to make ours feel like home in no time. I think the key is not to be shy about hanging art, making (temporary!) changes, putting up your own curtains and window treatments, and not holding back from settling in and allowing it to become "yours."

This bathroom is not without its challenges (no storage space!) but I totally love it. Just this week I went through a second round of reorganizing because this bathroom really only has room in it for daily essentials (and bath supplies--not quite daily essentials but I leave them out because they're pretty and used regularly enough). The table I painted is still perfect in here, and I thought the room could use a little green so I stuck a plant on it. I also hung the drawing (purchased here) right on the wainscoting (I was inspired by this) instead of leaning it on the radiator. The curtain we hung is this one.

My favorite things about this bathroom are the old clawfoot tub, the big window which allows in natural light, and all that warm wood. I've mentioned before that if we owned this house I would be tempted to paint the pine wainscoting but I've grown to really appreciate it. That and the wood floor (so unusual in a bathroom) make the whole room feel earthy, like I'm at a spa in a ski town or something. Another thing about feeling at home in a rental: stay open-minded! You might learn to love something you didn't think you would.

 And now suddenly I'm in the mood for a bath...thanks for letting me share, friends! Have you ever hit the rental-house-bathroom-jackpot?!


  1. Oh my gosh that old bathtub is amazing! It's an adorable bathroom!

  2. Isn't it sweet? Glad you like it too! :)


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