Thursday, September 4, 2014

House Tour: Bedroom

If I had three words to describe my ideal bedroom I would choose simple, luxurious, and calming. Simple because sleep and rest come easiest in uncluttered spaces. Luxurious because I learned early on that good sheets and down comforters last forever, never go out of style, and are worth the extra expense for the coziness they provide. Calming because we all need a safe haven in our home, a place to bring a cup of tea and a book on dreary Saturday afternoons, a place to get ready for the day in peace.

I really love how our bedroom organically came together in this new home and, once again, am mighty pleased that aside from a few smallish things (window treatments, laundry hamper, pillows), nothing in here was bought new.

I owe my mother-in-law a huge amount of credit for helping me with our room in the first few days we were here. When we ran out of space for boxes and furniture in the living room, we instructed the movers to begin dropping everything in the bedroom. It soon became a piled-high-with-boxes maze and we could barely even tiptoe our way through the room when she got here on a Saturday morning. I had been spending most of my energy getting our kitchen together so we could start feeding ourselves and I was so drained by Saturday (we'd been moving since Monday). Having another pair of hands was amazing and by the end of the day the bedroom was 85% done. My mother-in-law even ironed the creases out of our duvet (it desperately needed it but I never would have stopped to do it if I were on my own)! It was such a gift to have her here.

Our bedroom makes me really, really happy. It's a mix of so many elements that speak to me. Great light (so great we had to buy special room darkening shades so we could sleep in past 5 am), the contrast between the bright white bedding and faded oriental rug, simple white curtains that I (proudly!) hemmed myself, family photos, that rustic old cedar chest that I had in my childhood bedroom and currently houses sweaters and throw blankets and lavender sachets. The blue dresser was in my husband's childhood room and I painted it when we were first married. My lovely vintage Stickley sideboard (I'm using it as a dresser ) was a wedding gift from my family. On top is my new-old jewelry case and a special drawing and next to it is a family heirloom mirror. Our bed is topped with white pillows of all different textures (a shower gift from my bridesmaids) and back when I was still getting used to the ring on my finger I bought the hemstitch duvet on sale at Macy's as an engagement present to myself.

I'm thankful for this serene, familiar, comfortable haven. 

Also, this is interesting: this room is probably half the size of our last bedroom but I've found out that I prefer a bedroom on the small side. So much cozier.

What three words would you use to describe your ideal bedroom? Thanks for letting me share ours!


  1. What a lovely space. It definitely looks calming. It is sweet how nearly every item in your room has a story or meaning behind it. I think that's what makes a home truly a place of rest. :)

  2. Serene, whimsical and dreamy. That's how I'd describe my own bedroom full of grey, white and red! Again, your home aesthetic is awesome! It actually reminds me of pirate tales, pioneer days and vacations. And psst, are those Lowe's cellular shades? ;)

  3. The shades are from Lowe's! I don't remember the exact brand. They work so well at keeping the room dark and cozy while we're sleeping!

  4. all the pieces that have come together to make your bedroom are so sweet - what a lovely personal intimate comfortable space! I'll have to think on my three words :)

  5. What beautiful linens. This looks like a cozy retreat!


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