Monday, September 1, 2014

House Tour: Screened Porch

In honor of Labor Day, let me introduce you to the most sunshine-y, relaxing, low-key part of our home: the screened porch!

Having a screened porch is a total bonus. Not necessary but absolutely loved and appreciated. Virginia summers are so much more delightful than Alabama summers and we've been living out here ever since we moved in, and I imagine we won't have to close it up until maybe early November or later. We eat meals, drink tea, and even watch Netflix out here!

What's amazing about this porch in particular it feels like you're in a jungle. We have neighbors on either side but looking straight out the porch you can see only trees and birds (we've had cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers, and once a hummingbird!). Every so often a family of deer will putter through which is always adorable. There is a pretty deep ravine behind our house that must have made the area un-buildable and we're so grateful for that. To be in our own home but out in (bug-free) nature at the same time is quite a treat.

Like much of our house we've outfitted our porch almost entirely with things we already had. It's a random mish-mash of things, just as a porch should be! I think it feels pretty earthy and rustic which is what I was hoping for. The white painted ceiling keeps everything light and cheery.

This fall, when the temperature dips, I'm imagining us bundling up in sweaters and sipping hot soup by candlelight out here. When I lived in New York I always loved it when restaurants kept their sidewalk tables out even when the weather got crisp. There's something so invigorating about eating outdoors on a cool fall day!

Do you have an outdoor space in your home that you can't get enough of?

p.s. In case you missed the tour of my piano studio.


  1. Screened in porches are my favorite! Yours is adorable I think the mish mash of furniture is fun and it works!:) I am currently in a third floor apartment without a balcony, witch is rough for someone who loves the outdoors! I'm hoping that is going to change soon though!

  2. I can't believe how private your porch is, it is like your own mini paradise. So pretty.

  3. Thanks Rachel! Hoping that changes for you soon too. There's nothing like having outdoor space as part of your home. Glad you think the mish mash works ;)

  4. Exactly, well said! It is so private and such a paradise. We love it :)

  5. Bless that ravine! These developers, I tell you (I am currently watching what used to be a corn field by my house turn into yet another set of build-a-boxes, boo). And your home has a fantastic aesthetic!

  6. Bless it indeed!!! I know exactly what you mean about those pre-fab developer houses. How sad that your corn field is being transformed into this. I don't get the appeal!

  7. you are in your own little woodland! How magical. My aunt and uncle's house (in Ivy) is situated similarly - they have next door neighbors, but looking out over their porch makes you feel like you're in a glorious personal forest!

  8. Absolutely LOVE your porch!! And yes, it seems so wooded! I would have thought you were out in the country! Loving your home tour! xoxo


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