Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today I'm Going To...

Take a long walk into the fogginess and mist and listen to The Staves playing in my ears.

Wear red lipstick just because.

Bring my computer to a new spot and write.

Read today's daily entry from The Business Of Heaven.

Break a wishbone that's been drying on the windowsill with my husband.

Have an open-faced avocado/mayo/spicy jalapeƱo sandwich (my favorite thing ever) for lunch.

Thumb through Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, my grandmother's splattered and loved copy that is now mine, and search for a recipe to make this weekend.

Revisit a few pages of Chopin's Polonaise-Fantaisie, which I played for my last Master's Recital.

Finish Bread & Wine.

Dream up a new DIY project to work on this week.

Make myself a cup of afternoon steamed milk.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone.


  1. That sandwich sounds delish! Good luck with the wishbone! Have a beautiful day, Kate! :)

  2. Oh it is beyond delish. Sounds weird but it's the perfect combination of flavors. I hope you have a beautiful day too!

  3. Kate @ Dusty Window PanesFebruary 4, 2014 at 3:45 PM

    Sounds lovely =) Enjoy every minute of it!

  4. Kate wins every time we break a wishbone! With all of the delicious chicken dinners and Holiday feasts that is a lot of free wishes for Kate. I think she cheats but I can't prove it : (

  5. That is so cool you have your grandmothers copy of Julia child!!! I'm jealous!

  6. There are some perks (like unstructured days) associated with being an unconventional "creative," that's for sure :)

  7. Maybe you're just letting me win? Hehe :)

  8. I know, it's so special to me. I love being able to tell which recipes she loved by the splatters and stains on the pages.

  9. I have my grandmother's copy of Julia Child too! it's one of the things I claimed from her apartment after she died - which is kind of weird because she barely ever cooked. But I like the idea that she probably once WANTED to try the recipes in there :)


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