Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Proud Sister Moment

I'm going to play the part of the proud sister today and first share an article that my younger brother recently wrote and had published. It's called "The Foreign Language Courses Colleges Should Be Teaching" and it's wise and thoughtful and funny and I think you'll really enjoy it. I won't give away the argument he's making--you'll have to click the link to find out!--but I think that most bloggers will be able to relate to it and appreciate the stance he's taken. It's a pretty hip and cutting edge piece and I can't help bragging about it!

Now for the second proud sister moment. My older brother works for Uber, the car service company/tech startup that has been fantastically successful, and he and his team in Dallas recently appeared in Modern Luxury Dallas magazine. He's the one on the far left. Doesn't he look like quite the suave gentleman? I think this is such a cool feature! Once again, I can't help but brag.

I always think that the most wonderful gift parents can give their children is siblings. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for my brothers. They're the best.


  1. Love your brother's article! I studied Math and Spanish in school. While I loved studying Spanish and will likely keep it up to an extent, I find that it dwindles quickly if I'm not vigilant.
    But I'm constantly wishing that I had taken more computer programming courses to supplement my math education! I'm trying to teach myself some now, realizing that it will be such an asset for the kind of jobs I'd like someday. I'm totally behind your brother's idea :)

  2. He'll be happy to hear this! I honestly didn't even consider taking any computer programming in college but like you, I really wish I had. My brother is largely self-taught too. Good for you for pursuing it on your own so that you're better prepared for the future!

  3. Proud Brother. Does it count if they are only mine by marriage?

  4. he DOES look like a suave gentleman! lucky ladies of Dallas :)

    and Noah's article is great - I'd never thought it languages that way but he makes a totally valid point. and the very end is too funny!

  5. I know! And yes isn't that ending funny? I giggled out loud :)


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