Monday, February 10, 2014

To Marvel

I came across this adorable video of a young child experiencing rain for the first time and I was mesmerized. The way her chubby little hands are reaching out to feel the droplets, the way she licks her lips to get some of the rain water in her mouth, her little shouts of glee, that she doesn't mind but even seems to be thrilled to be getting drenched. It's a pretty magical little clip. As my husband said when he watched it, children might be the only ones who truly understand the majesty of God's gift to us, our Earth.

I have often thought that children, with their curiosity and sense of wonder, can teach us so much if we allow them to. Even the least jaded adults would be hard-pressed to match the amazement that fills the eyes of a child experiencing something for the first time. To revel in drops of water falling from the sky, to be overjoyed at the perfectly sweet taste of a cherry, to see a waterfall as if for the very first time. To see as children do would be to allow the natural world to stop us in our tracks. 

We listened to a Tim Keller sermon last night called The Song of Creation and he talked about the poetry of Genesis I. In this passage it says over and over, "And God saw that it was good," meaning that God was taking pleasure in His creation. He was enjoying it and smiling upon it and proclaiming its fundamental goodness. Later in the sermon, Keller so beautifully connects this to the sounds we hear in nature. The babbling brook and the birdsong in the forest and the whistle of trees in the wind--the music we find in nature is a reflection of its beauty and rightness and its createdness. I am good, our Maker loves us. It's also why many of us feel closest to God when we are in nature. It's why a stream of light coming in the window, the warmth of the morning sun on our face, can sometimes feel profound and bring us a moment of unexpected joy and peace. 

A young child's appreciation for God's natural world is spiritual, really. It's how we should all try to live, in awe of the place we call home and the sun that keeps us warm and the rain that makes our food grow and the view from the top of the mountain that leaves us breathless. Because it is so good. Let's enjoy it and marvel at it, just as young children do, just as our Creator does.


  1. I saw this video too! And I loved it so, so much! I am way too young to have my own kids but one day, when I do, I swear they'll be the ones parenting me. Children can be so wise in that they see the world. As adults, we seem to be conditioned to focus just on things that have value in the constructed world (society). We just seem to forget that work, bosses, dresses, deadlines, whatever are all just trifle things. Focusing on work and daily dramas makes it easy to forget that no matter how we are racing around, the world is still there and it's both simple and complex in it's natural state. And now I have no idea where I am going with this… :) But I like to shake myself out of it whenever I remember to, and just take a moment to realize how cool it is to be driving where I am or how epically blue the sky looks. It makes everything so much more special.

  2. Haha awwww she's adorable. She's in such awe! I love it. She has no idea how to control herself and it's great! We need more reminders like this. Back when I taught, I loved those moments. One day two years ago I realized nobody in my class knew what an acorn was, so we went outside for 30 minutes collecting them and the joy on their faces. They were so amazed by the tiniest little thing. It's good to see every once in awhile.

  3. They didn't know what acorns were! That's so sweet and innocent! Pretty awesome that you were the one who got to show them. Being a teacher can be such a gift.

  4. I think we should reclaim the word "awesome" in its old meaning, don't you?


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