Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Currently, Volume 2

Table set on Friday night


Reading The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. It's a Victorian mystery and I'm completely hooked on it.

Writing a birthday card to a very special sister-in-law (well, I plan to later today) and thinking of using this very cute DIY as a model.

Listening to the water in the kettle beginning to boil for tea.

Thinking about who the woman in white could be (I told you I was hooked!).

Smelling nothing at the moment. Soon I'll be smelling oats and brown sugar!

Wishing we weren't 10 minutes late to the beginning of Les Mis yesterday. We made a last-minute decision to catch the matinee and considering how long previews typically last, we thought were going to make it. But on the way out the door my husband couldn't find his wallet, so we spent 10 precious minutes looking for it!

Hoping for happy changes to come soon, and peace in the meantime.

Wearing my Ikea black-and-white-striped blanket wrapped around me. It's finally chilly here!

Drinking a cup of hot tea with cream. I really love morning coffee but I'm trying to drink less caffeine (even one cup has a lot) so I've been having more tea in the mornings, and also lattes, which require only half a cup of coffee.

Loving my husband! (Told you this might be a consistent answer.) He's just fun to be around. Yesterday we were both cuddled on the couch sharing a blanket and reading our books. It was heaven.

Wanting to have a really relaxing day. Lots of reading and yummy meals and quiet talks with my husband. Yesterday, for no reason at all, I felt a little bit tense (does that ever happen to you?) and I'd like today to be more calm.

Needing the holiday tomorrow. One extra day of "weekend" with my husband will be so nice.

Feeling happy that my husband enjoyed the French-inspired meal I made him on Friday night (more about this tomorrow!).

Clicking on this really weird story. Apparently, the girlfriend of ND's Manti Te'o, who supposedly died of leukemia last year, never existed. Someone created an online personality and duped Te'o into believing it was a real woman. It sounds like Te'o was not at fault and I feel terrible for him--how embarrassing and cruel! Although, he probably shouldn't have given his heart away to a woman he never met in person. The internet is a scary place!

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  1. I read The Woman in White last year and thought it was intriguing all the way through! I'll be curious to hear what you think when you're finished! I've been itching to read Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South. Perhaps I will take advantage of the Barnes & Noble classics sale you mentioned earlier this week. :) Happy Sunday!

    1. I'll let you know! And yes, do go to the sale, especially if you're looking for a classic. It's a great deal!

  2. Happy Sunday! A nice cup of tea on a chilly day sounds lovely! A good cuddle is always appreciated, but there's something about cuddling under a blanket with a book when it's cold out that just feel so right. :)

  3. I understand your excitement over cooler weather... it's been a bit cooler here to Florida too, and I was excited to wear socks inside. :)

    I hope you have a relaxing day with more blanket wearing and reading. Happy Sunday!

  4. I need the holiday, too. So desperately. It came right in the nick of time!

    As for Teo, I'm not 100% convinced he wasn't in on the whole hoax. I really think it's too fishy to be just a bad practical joke..... isn't it the weirdest story?!?!

  5. a victorian mystery? i'm already intrigued.

    i'm going to have to read up on your french-inspired meal - i need to do some more cooking... & i'm in desperate need of inspiration [and pinterest just isn't cutting it].

    the teo situation completely sucks. i agree with tina - it seems a little fishy for him to have not had a hand in it, but of course i'm hoping he didn't. this world is one crazy place.

    happy monday! :)


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