Monday, January 7, 2013

Something Ivory for Christmas

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were given an unexpected gift. Up until now, we have shared one car and we had a goal to make it as long as possible with just that one car. My husband and I don't mind carpooling with each other, we didn't see the need for having a second car right away, and it's a more cost-effective (for us) and cleaner (for the air) way to live.

But our situation changed and we were suddenly feeling like we needed either a new car to replace our current one or a second car. We've been trying to save money for an eventual downpayment on a house (which we want to happen sooner rather than later), and we were both feeling nauseated about spending money on a car. Neither of us are "car" people (well, my husband was in college, when he drove a Mustang, but he grew out of that phase!) and we had hoped to stretch our single-car family years a little longer.

This is where the unexpected gift comes in, and what a blessing it was! My husband's grandmother no longer drives and when she heard we were car shopping she offered us her ivory-colored Cadillac, completely free. It really seemed too good to be true. We were feeling so reluctant about having to spend a big chunk of money on a car, knowing there were more important things coming up that our money should be going toward. Yet we needed a car. We even prayed about it (as silly as that may sound) and our prayers were answered--and in the form of something ivory, no less.

Thank you Grandma Harvey!


  1. What a wonderful gift and I'm sure your husband's grandmother was thrilled to give it you. God answers our prayers in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

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    1. I don't really see anything silly in praying for it : )
      Praying about the small things in life is a good habit to get into, in my humble opinion.
      Also, thank you Grandma!


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