Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Good Trends/Bad Trends

Trends are interesting. I have a pretty solid sense of what I like and don't like and don't pay too much attention to whether something is "trendy" or not. I think most of us are probably like that. If something is trendy but we like it, who cares that we're jumping on a bandwagon! It's trendiness for the sake of trendiness that is the real danger. (And don't get me started on the expression that something is "trending." Ugh!)

As I've become immersed in the blog world it's sometimes hard to tell if certain things are universally popular or if they're only so among us blogging gals. Is the rest of the world obsessed with snake plants and their earthy chic factor? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I thought it would be sort of silly and fun to make a quick little list. Trends I love (not because they're trends but because they click with me) and trends I don't love (for whatever reason). I hope you'll share yours in the comments, too!

Trends I Love:

Game of Thrones
Delicate gold jewelry
Subtle pastel-tipped hair (I'd never do it but it can look gorgeous when done right)
Reusable grocery bags
Oversized black-rimmed glasses (on other people, since my eyes are stubbornly good at seeing)
Gallery walls (but only when done really well!)
Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Trends I Don't Love:

Pinterest recipes
Dry shampoo (I use it but it's not a miracle product like the masses would have you believe)
Lena Dunham
...and Twitter
Inspirational quotes turned into wall art (it can be beautiful but it's not quite for me)
Super skinny jeans on men

What am I missing? This is the kind of thing that's fun to gab about with girlfriends. So tell me: which trends do you love and which ones bug you?


  1. I hope I am not judged by this comment too much, but I hate the trend of women wearing age inappropriate clothing :)

  2. I don't think anyone would judge you for that! There's definitely something sophisticated about dressing for not only your age but your figure, coloring, all kinds of things.

  3. Katie @ Loverly SheNovember 5, 2014 at 3:20 PM

    haha - I love this post. There are so many trends that drive me crazy, especially with clothes. Like oversized high-waisted “mom” jeans that look like they belong in 1990. Those just don’t look flattering on anyone, if we’re being honest! Also, with music I feel like too many people are trying to be like Mumford and Sons. Just starts to get old!

  4. Love Instagram, hate skinny jeans on men ew ha ha! I have never understood the whole dry shampoo thing.

  5. It's basically just a powder, doesn't come anywhere near to being a substitute for real shampoo!

  6. Peplums! Gotta love those figure-framing little things! Also, love midi skirts, colour blocking and, yes, ombré. All of them can be so very elegant. Oh, and minimalist nail art finally softened me towards (somewhat) embellished nails!

  7. I didn't realize that reusable bags counted as trends - you have to pay extra for disposable bags in DC and MD, so everyone uses them here no matter how unhip!

  8. Well, I think it's a trend only because they didn't used to be very prevalent, and now they are...but I guess if a trend sticks then it's no longer a trend? Maybe I should look up a definition. ;)

  9. well, I'm biased - I usually think of a trend as a bad thing, and saving the earth is a good thing! hehe :)


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