Thursday, October 2, 2014

DIY Leather And Beads Necklace

Meet my newest necklace! I can hardly even call this a DIY because it was so very simple, but it was a fun project nevertheless and I like its quirky, handmade feel.

I had some leather cord from this project left over and I was surprised by how lovely the material is. It's nothing fancy (I got it at Michael's) but it's real deer skin leather, super soft and surprisingly supple. After my dresser redo I used a length of it to tie up a fall wedding gift and I thought that the rest would make a cool necklace. The beads are also from Michael's (on sale!) and just for fun, I spray-painted one of them ivory. It's a bit unexpected and funky and to me, way more interesting than five matching beads. (I was inspired a little bit by the necklace in these photos--scroll down to the last photo in the post and you'll see it.) My husband kept saying, Oh I get it, you're going to just take that extra bead on the right and move it to the other side so the ivory one is in the middle, right? I just smiled and said I intended it to be asymmetrical. We agreed to disagree on this one. :)

Anyway, I think it'll pair nicely with boots and sweaters and I plan to wear it a lot this fall. What do you think?

p.s. I'm wearing this tee.


  1. Love this! Also, do you have a pair of Everlane loafers?

  2. I don't but I've been eyeing them! Those loafers are adorable.

  3. Katie @ Loverly SheOctober 2, 2014 at 6:42 PM

    Love it Kate! simple but lovely!

  4. Thanks Katie, it actually did remind me a little of you when I was making it!


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