Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 14

We had such a joyful Sunday morning! One of our very good friends from college, who was also a groomsman in our wedding, happened to be driving through our neck of the woods so we invited him over for a breakfast of spinach and cheese soufflé, ham, and coffee cake. The best part was that he brought his beautiful new fiancée along with him! I say "new" because they have been engaged for only one week--you can read their adorable proposal story as told by his mother (who has become a dear blog friend of mine) by clicking here.

It was such a pleasure to celebrate with them both at this incredibly special time in their lives. This was our first time meeting our friend's other half, and we think she's absolutely lovely! They are clearly so right for each other. We wish them all the love and joy in the world!

Here's the happy couple along with my goofy husband!

Reading blogs and news this afternoon!

Writing some post ideas for this week.

Listening to the dishwasher running--I created a lot of dirty dishes this morning!

Thinking about how wonderful it is to have friendships that I know will be lifelong.

Smelling nothing at the moment!

Wishing it wasn't so humid here--I can't believe it's only late April and the humidity has already set in. I'm meant to live much farther North, I really am.

Hoping to see more of these particular friends soon. They live in Charlottesville, just about halfway between where my parents live (Washington, D.C.) and where my in-laws live (Lynchburg) so we're thinking a trip sometime soon is in order!

Wearing grey leggings and a chambray top.

Drinking a big glass of water.

Loving love! Being around a happy, newly-engaged couple brings back wonderful memories from that time when I couldn't stop staring at my ring or reading books on becoming a godly wife, and I remember the joy being overwhelming.

Wanting a cat nap this afternoon.

Needing to go on a long walk, after the cat nap! I didn't get any exercise yesterday and I'm feeling itchy to get outside and stretch my legs.

Feeling happy that my mother-in-law will get to see my parents' new houseboat tomorrow when she drives through D.C. on her way home from New York. I only wish I could be there too!

Clicking this article on the Bush Library dedication. My parents were at the events this week in Dallas (my Dad was President Bush's Domestic Policy Advisor for two and a half years) and they had a fantastic time!

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful Sunday. 
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  1. Hey Kate!! This was such a fun post for me to read. When I opened up my blogging news feed and saw the picture, for a second I thought, "What?! Did K start a blog?!" And then I was absolutely tickled to read about their visit. This made my day! :)

    Laura Pearl @ http;//

  2. I'm so glad! I thought you'd get a kick out of it! It's ALWAYS fun to see your son(s), and I really loved meeting the bride-to-be :)

  3. You must go to Charlottesville. Especially if you haven't been before. We love that city. We actually got married outside of C'Ville at a vineyard called Veritas. You should check it out. That area is so beautiful. And, if you guys do visit Charlottesville, I suggest you beg them to take you to The Local. Best restaurant (we think) in town. :) Hope you made it out on your long walk!

  4. How fun to catch up with old friends and meet new ones! How great that you were able to all spend time with one another. I've been thinking lately about how I need to make more of an effort to see my friends who live far away. Distance can be a nuisance, but it shouldn't stop true friendships. Your breakfast sounds delicious!

  5. My husband loves Charlottesville, and lived there for a few years as a kid....I think he'd be thrilled if we ended up living there! Thanks for that restaurant suggestion, I will absolutely remember it. How did you choose Charlottesville for your wedding?

  6. Did you get your catnap in? I always aim for one of those on Sundays too. I tell my family that I do not consider it a truly successful Sunday unless I get in all my "must dos" and still have time for a nap. :)

    Have a lovely week! Stopping in from The Sunday Currently!

    ~Brooke @ Who Moved My Cheesecake?

  7. It was so much fun, and made us wish we all lived closer! My husband had a really fantastic group of guy friends in college that also became my friends, and it's so exciting that they're beginning to settle down and get married! And yes, the breakfast was delicious if I do say so :)

  8. Hi Brooke! Yes I did! I roped my husband into napping with me too which made it even better. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a lovely week as well.

  9. look at those smiles! what a happy time for them :) and next time you drive down to/through DC, let me know! though maybe not for another six months... the humidity here is stultifying :(

  10. I know, so sweet, right? And yes I'd love to see you in DC!! That would be a lot of fun. I will indeed keep you posted on our next visit :)

  11. I enjoyed watching the Bush Library dedication. It was very cool to see and I just loved what he had to say. I definitely teared up when he did.

    Are you from DC or VA/MD?

  12. it's beautiful up there in the summer. The weather was wonderful!!!! Locals said the winter could be pretty brutal. After my first winter in Blacksburg, VA and mountain snow...I need to be somewhere warm :-)

  13. congratulations to your friend & his new fiancee! they are such a cute couple. aren't friends' visits the best?

    i feel you on the humidity. my trip to louisiana has reminded me how severe it is here! it's so much drier in north carolina. and this weekend, i'll be down in new orleans, where i'm sure it'll be even worse!

    hope you're having a great week!

  14. Oh yes, we were in New Orleans last May and it was stifling! Still such a fun trip but it was exhausting just walking around because the heat and humidity zap your energy. You're lucky to be living in NC now where the weather is a little more tolerable! :)


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