Thursday, April 4, 2013

Green Sandwiches

I am a vegetable girl. I've always loved vegetables. I can't think of one vegetable that I wouldn't eat happily. Growing up, my Dad had an enormous vegetable garden, and he tended it so beautifully. I have the best memories of picking bright red cherry tomatoes off the vine, warmed from the sun, the skin a little bit prickly and fuzzy. They tasted like the earth. In the summertime, we ate salads every night made with lettuce from the garden, cut with kitchen scissors just minutes before it was dressed and tossed. He grew green beans and asparagus, swiss chard and beets, mint and mesclun. We were so spoiled--there's nothing like having a farmer's market in your backyard!

Recently, I've been experimenting with something that makes the vegetable lover in me sing--all green sandwiches. It started one day when I was in the kitchen making lunch, peering into the fridge, trying to decide what to put on my sandwich. I'm not a huge fan of cold-cuts, typically, and I didn't have any in the fridge anyway. What I did have was tons of green vegetables and herbs, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try something new.

I made the most delicious sandwich that day--sliced cucumbers, green peppers, baby spinach, and fresh basil, with avocado smeared on whole grain toast. The flavors were perfect together, it was filling but refreshing, creamy and so healthful.

Since then, I've been making lots of all-vegetable sandwiches. I make sure to have a glass of milk, or add a slice of cheese, to get some protein. Once, I made a bean puree to spread on the other side of the toast to add flavor and protein.

This is a perfect way to make sure you're consuming a variety of veggies each day. Try mixing and matching any of these green vegetables for a delicious, and nutritious sandwich:

Baby spinach
Jalapeno Peppers
Green peppers
Green beans (cooked or fresh)
Sugar snap peas
Avocado, or guacamole
Kale (cooked would be better)
Asparagus (cooked would be better)

Will you try it?


  1. I will definitely try this! Cold cuts don't settle well with my stomach anyway, and I'd rather pile on the wholesome veggies instead. I can't wait for our weekend Farmer's Market trips so we can have a bunch of local produce. I wish our little patio was a giant back yard we could grow whatever we wanted. My dad always had a huge garden, and I miss it a lot. Thanks for the foodie tip today!

  2. Let me know what you think! I agree, I can't wait for summer produce to start coming in. I wish I had a garden too. I'm not sure I'd really be good at it, but I'd like to try to grow at least tomatoes and some kitchen herbs someday.

  3. I think once you start eating lots of fruits and veggies and wholesome foods, your taste buds really do start to notice the flavor and natural sweetness. I've always been a healthy eater, but I've gotten to the point where I don't even like candy bars or other commercial chocolates at all...they taste so artificial and sicky sweet to me!

  4. i wish i had your love for veggies. i like them not all of them but still eat them. i would just have to have some type of protein in my sandwich

  5. I can definitely understand that--I think my love for vegetables is a little bit of a quirk! :)

  6. Wow, I think this is exactly what I need! This sounds absolutely delicious! Fresh, filling, healthy... yum! As soon as we're settled in to our new house and have the kitchen organized, I need to make this! I'm still thinking of your cucumber salad, too! Oh the possibilities...

  7. Try it! Perfect for a little immune system boost :)


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