Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Packing For Japan: Fun (And Tiny) Travel Essentials

In an effort to continue my mission to pack leanly for this trip I'm not bringing many things that are not clothes. And the non-clothing items I am allowing myself have to be sufficiently small and light for me to put them on the list.

Over the last few weeks I've been hunting down mini versions of certain beauty products on Amazon and filling little 3 oz bottles with face wash and sunscreen. I finally caved and bought a Kindle in the smallest size instead of lugging along 2-3 books for the plane and I'm obsessed with it (so glad my mom encouraged me on that one). My mother-in-law gave me a gorgeous clutch as an early birthday gift that will be perfect for carrying just a few things to dinner or a night out. Basically everything I'm bringing is tiny. It's adorable.

Here are a few of the non-clothes/non-shoes travel essentials that to me, are worth toting halfway across the world.

My favorite rosy red lipstick that can dress up any outfit and make me feel beautiful and fresh and put-together with a single swipe.

A shot of Dream Water, recommended by a friend who always looks out for me, to help us catch a few hours of sleep as we fly from Toronto to Tokyo.

A tiny pot of the best intensive moisturizer, which I will be slathering on my face before each flight to combat dry airplane air.

Evian facial spray for more moisture for my finicky skin and the welcome jolt of energy that comes from spraying a jet-lagged face with a mist of cool water.

A small tube of the only hand sanitizer I'll use because unlike most, it's moisturizing and doesn't have a horrible alcohol or synthetic smell.

My new Kindle, loaded with a few good books I can't wait to dig into along with a Dictionary of Japanese Food to help us navigate the eating part of our adventure.

(Not pictured: a regular toothbrush instead of my bulky electric one. I'm serious about this minimalist thing!)

9 days to go!!!!!


  1. You're flying via Toronto! It's my hometown and the city I love most. I hope Pearson Airport treats you well! I've been enjoying this series of your preparation for Japan. Statistically the *best* part of a vacation is planning for it; I find your stories on this front especially inspiring. Have a wonderful vacation, and love your blog! Arigado!

  2. Thanks Jamie! We have a 7-hour layover in Toronto so I'm sure hoping your hometown airport treats us well too!

  3. Yay, Toronto :D My home city, too!
    Ah, now I have no excuse but to pack light for my own trip in August.

  4. Why is everything miniature so darn adorable?!!! I just want to squish it all! Lol

  5. Good luck! It's been such a fun challenge for me!

  6. I know!!! Love everything tiny!


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