Friday, April 10, 2015

My Old Lady Beauty Ritual

I have a funny nightly ritual that I fondly think of as my old lady beauty ritual. After I've washed and moisturized my face and brushed my teeth I sit in bed and pull out a giant pot of super emollient cream from the cubby in my nightstand. I pat a little under my eyes and on my eyelids (experts say that eye cream is a bit of a hoax--any thick cream will do) and then I rub a generous amount of cream onto my whole neck, from my chin down to my collarbone. The skin on my neck tends to get dry and tight which can be uncomfortable so I take extra care of it. 

But then not too long ago I read somewhere that you can often tell the age of a woman by looking at her neck. What?? I guess the reasoning is that the skin on your neck is just as fine and delicate as the skin on your face but more likely to get neglected. Moisturizing it with your regular face cream is good but using an extra rich cream is better.

I'm not obsessive about anti-aging tricks and when it's my time for them, I say bring on the laugh lines and eye crinkles. But I think we could all do without neck wrinkles for as long as possible. Here's to hoping my little routine will stave those off for a good long while.

Do you have any quirky beauty rituals? Please share! And happy weekend, friends.


  1. Yes, they do say you should treat your neck just the same as your face! My "eye and neck cream" is actually a vial of almond oil :)

  2. These are wake-up words for me. I have never cared for my neck

  3. Oooo. What do you use?

  4. I used to use almond oil on my cuticles. It's great!

  5. Totally boring Cerave from the drugstore, but I love how moisturizing and soothing it is.


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