Monday, March 16, 2015

Books For Spring

Isn't it funny how sometimes you have stacks of books you're dying to read on your nightstand (your figurative or literal one) and other times you can't quite figure out what to pick up next? Suddenly this spring (and it does feel like spring, weather-wise and inspiration-wise and hopefulness-wise) I'm swimming in books and loving it. Here's what's on my (literal) nightstand.

The Opposite of Loneliness was on a recommended reading list for 20-something women in Domino Magazine. I read this short piece of Keegan's in the New York Times and loved her wise, confident writing. I checked her book out of the library and was shocked to discover that this smart young woman died days after her graduation from Yale and that this collection of her writing was published posthumously. Heartbreaking, but how powerful that her words live on.

I pre-ordered Hey Natalie Jean (written by one of my favorite bloggers)  a few months ago and Amazon says it will show up tomorrow. Hooray! Natalie is a deep and witty and lovely writer and I think her story is meaningful and important. Excited to dig into her book when it comes.

My parents sent me this hilarious article on Airbnb in Japan because we decided to use Airbnb for two nights in Tokyo. I loved the writing so much I decided to look up the reporter and discovered she co-authored this book. The book is dark and disturbing but from what I've gathered from reviews, incredibly brave and beautiful too.

My mom recently finished Lila and passed it on to me. I don't know much about it but if my mom liked it, I'm sure I will too. Fact of life.

What's on your reading list this spring? Please share!

(Not pictured: a book on Japan, and another book on Japan, and one more.)


  1. I haven't been reading Natalie's book front to back, but that's alright. I love it. Just curious.... what do you think of the cover? I, for whatever reason, can't figure out why it drives me crazy. It feels too un-designed or something. I don't know. Interested to see if that is just me.

  2. SAME!! I think it's the odd underlining of the title?!! Plus the pretty basic font choice. I think the cover design could have been more sleek. Agree that it almost looks like a mock-up.

    I haven't read it front to back either, I've skipped around, but I think it's wonderful. She's so lovable.


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