Monday, February 16, 2015

Natural Breath Mints

This is a recent discovery of mine that I've been loving--whole cloves as all natural breath mints! Apparently, the oil in cloves kills bad bacteria in your mouth and actually freshens your breath whereas standard sugar-free mints do no more than mask odor. You wouldn't want to actually eat the clove, just pop it in your mouth for a few minutes and maybe nibble it a bit to release the clove oil. The taste is strong but warm and earthy and nice, and there's a bit of a menthol-like kick too. It's noticeably refreshing.

Would you try it? (I filled an empty mint container with cloves to put in my purse so I'll always have some when I'm out and about!)


  1. Very cool. Can you buy them at a regular grocery store?

  2. Cloves are awesome! Have you tried inhaling clove-steam (boiling them in a pot of water) when you're sick? :)

  3. I haven't, but I bet that's great. I like to put a pot of water and cloves and oranges on the stove to simmer at Christmastime for a natural air freshener. :)


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