Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Some Thoughts

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I haven't been feeling inspired to write lately which isn't like me. I think it must have something to do with this strange in-between state we're in. I've got one foot out my front door and the other just dying to join it, but we have another two weeks until we move. It's a weird feeling. There's a new front door waiting for me (and it's red, friends!) and I'm going a bit stir crazy with the anticipation and the fluttery energy inside me.

Our house is looking more and more bare by the day and there's still lots left to do. Closing accounts, making sure our mail is forwarded, getting new military IDs. And of course more fun tasks like last visits to our favorite local German bakery and a goodbye dinner with one of my students and his family. It's hard work closing out a chapter of your life! It keeps you busy for weeks and then you're gone and everything is new again. New address, new grocery store, new doctors, new streets, new walls to wake up between each day.

It sort of hit me yesterday that we really lived here in Alabama. It sounds obvious, I know--but as much as I wanted our time here to be temporary and short-term, the reality is that we built lives here. And while I can assure you I'm not feeling nostalgic about leaving or sad in any way (I'm thrilled and beyond excited), it is a little overwhelming to be starting over so completely. This is the first real move my husband and I have done together and we have a lot of newness to navigate, like, where will we get fabulous chicken red curry takeout when that inevitable craving hits on a Friday night? In addition to all the bigger, more life-altering things too, of course. It'll all be fresh--everything from the sidewalks our sneakers will come to know to the very rhythm of our days.

Anyway, I guess this post is just a simple update on how things are in the Harvey household lately. Lots of giddy eagerness for the future, lots of thoughts on endings and beginnings, and lots of praying for smooth and healthy and happy transitions. Thanks for letting me share it.

(On another note I highly recommend this new Ingrid Michaelson song, Wonderful Unknown, which also features her husband. It's beautiful. Let's let unknowns be wonderful!)


  1. Katie @ Loverly SheMay 27, 2014 at 1:42 PM

    it’s so good to read your writing again Kate - feels like it’s been a while, although completely understandable! hope and trust all will go smoothly in the big move. So exciting :)

  2. Thanks Katie! I know, I'm sure I'll be bursting with energy and writing ideas once we actually move but right now I feel a little stalled creatively. I'm trying to enjoy our last days here but I'm definitely antsy!


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