Monday, September 16, 2013

Kindred Spirits

I don't think I could have found a more perfect quote for this post today, and from one of my favorite childhood books, too. It's not profound, but it sure does resonate. It couldn't be more true for me.

I think some people find their kindred spirits easily. They have a knack for seeking out people they click with, people who share their values and sensibilities. I've known people like this, and I've always been in awe of their ability to pick friends who truly "get" them, friends who share their most treasured dreams and wishes and hopes.

It's always been harder for me. Of course, I dearly love my friends who are very different than me (which is most of them). There are wonderful things to be learned from people who were raised differently, who have different beliefs, who have different life plans. But we need kindred spirits in our lives. We need to feel that we are not alone in our deepest wishes, in our closely-held ideas on how to live and how to be. We need to feel that we are not alone in our insecurities and fears and in those things that we are afraid to hope for, lest they ever move out of our reach. We need to feel that we are not alone in our sense of right and wrong. We need to feel that there are others like us.

This little blog of mine has opened me up to a world of kindred spirits. I have found other pianists and teachers. I've found people who express themselves best in words. I've found mothers and mothers-to-be who view raising children as the greatest gift and the most important job they'll ever do. I've found the most dedicated wives, and women who sacrifice for their families. I've found Christians who inspire me and challenge me to live my faith.

I had the joy last week of meeting one of my favorite bloggers and loyal readers. She happens to also be the mother of some of our best college friends, but I've mostly gotten to know her through her writing. Her blog, String of Pearls, is just lovely, and she also published a beautiful novel last year called Finding Grace. I had a suspicion, after reading her blog for a year, that Mrs. Pearl and I were kindred spirits, and now I'm sure we are. We had the most delightful time chatting about life, blogging, the similarities in our personalities (we're introverts, we love to write, we adore our families), books, and everything in between. It was so much fun to turn a blogger-friendship into a real-life one!

Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world. 

It is splendid indeed. Thank you, Mrs. Pearl, for such a lovely evening. And thank you to all of my blog friends and kindred spirits--I hope to meet you all in person one day.

It's interesting the way life works. I have had to expand my world and open myself up to vulnerability through my writing in order to really begin to find my kindred spirits. And while this doesn't at all change how I feel about the beautiful friendships I made before I began blogging, it certainly has made my life richer. And I'm so very thankful.


  1. Thanks Kristyn, I'm so happy this post meant something to you. It's really rewarding to find those friends who want the same things out of life. It makes our own journey easier, somehow :)

  2. You're at the top of my list of bloggers I must meet someday, Katie :)

    I haven't seen the movies but now I'm so intrigued! I'll have to check them out!

  3. Kindred spirits are the best!!!! Even better when you get to meet them in real life, and EVEN better if they decide to move to your town ;)

  4. Kate, I was so touched when I read this! (And I had to smile when I read my future d-i-l's comment down below before I started typing!) You are so thoughtful, and I'm thrilled that you consider me a kindred spirit. I'll take that as a compliment for sure. :)

    You are the sweetest person--just an absolutely lovely young woman. And I do think we share so many interests and beliefs. And blogging certainly has led to some beautiful friendships. If you do move to the area of VA where my boys are living, I'll be seeing a lot more of you in the years to come, and that's a very good thing.

    Thank you for this! XO
    Mrs. Pearl @

  5. Wow, I am Kate's mom and you all have me in tears! Lovely post Kate, as ever, and I'm glad your kindred spirit discovered your loveliness in person!

  6. Katie! That's still a secret! haha

  7. People you "click with" tehehe
    Excellent post today Kate. I feel exactly the same way. Also, thanks to Dan for helping to get these two great minds together, and paying for dinner!

  8. Well said :) You'll be the first to know when we have news!! So excited!

  9. You are more than welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed this.

    And yes--Katie's comment made me smile too :) I think it would be terrific for everyone if our move works out the way we hope! Praying!

  10. This is the sweetest comment. I think you'll always understand me in a special way that only a Mama can :)

  11. Good friends are one in a million, and I owe it to my right hand man for picking such great guys to befriend :)

  12. I'm so glad that you are finding your kindred spirits, Kate. It might not always be easy to do so, but I truly believe that in time, if we open ourselves to it, those who are meant to know each other will find each other.

  13. What a beautiful way to think of it, Sarah. Thank you for this.

  14. So sweet! Oh I love Anne of Green Gables too! A few years ago a friend and I watched ALL of the videos, including some new ones I'd never new existed. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend watching it with your mom or some close girlfriends and a box of kleenex!
    Thinking of your post though, don't you love those special friendships (kindred spirit types) with older women or when there is a difference in years and time? I sure love it. My piano teacher who I grew up with and I still get together for tea and lunch and play piano for four hands...when my little two year old will allow it. :) Maybe it's important for us gals who are the oldest with younger brothers! Or maybe it's just that true friendships aren't bound by age.


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