Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wise Words

This scrap of paper is something my mom found while cleaning and going through old things, and she photographed it for me because she thought they were wise words and that I would find them helpful and meaningful. Wasn't that so thoughtful of her? To make it even more perfect, the church I used to go to in New York, two doors down from my building, was named after St. Francis de Sales. Here are his wise words:

Uneasiness arises from an inordinate desire to be freed of some evil or from the suffering we are undergoing; or it results from the desire for some benefit we want too eagerly. In either case, anxiety only aggravates the situation. So when you are seized by some desire to be freed from an evil or to acquire something you think is good, in the very first place put yourself in a calm and tranquil mood; tone down your judgment and your will, and then with gentleness quietly await the outcome of your desires.

-St. Francis de Sales

Moms know just what their daughters need, don't they?

p.s. A big happy birthday to my older brother today!!


  1. Mom's are the best!! Happy Bday to your brother!

  2. Wise words, and so very thoughtful and kind of your mama!

  3. That was so sweet of your mom! I love that quote.

  4. Loved this post. Great quote from a great saint!


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