Monday, September 17, 2012

Old and New

Because photos of my engagement and wedding rings were left out of this post, I took matters in my own hands and decided to take a few myself. These are no NZ shots, but they will do, thanks to the camera my Dad recently gave me.

Can you guess which one is old and which one is new? (The answer is in the post mentioned above.) One is practically brand new, handmade in New York City last fall. The other is decades old, also handmade, and belonged to my husband's great-grandmother. She was married in 1933, which makes the ring roughly 80 years old.

The reason I ask if you can guess is because, to me, they are both timeless. I really think that neither one has a particularly antique or a particularly modern feel, and this is something I love about them. I don't think they will ever look dated. It still amazes me when I remember that these two rings were hand-crafted many dozens of years apart.

As a girl who adores old things, but also loves creating new things from scratch, I would say that the duo on my left hand suits me perfectly.


  1. love the rings! love that one has a great story and the other has a story waiting to be told.

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Love the rings, my guess is the engagement ring is the old and its gorgeous!

  3. Love your set together. Love that it's something old and something new. :)

  4. Wedding ring is outstanding. Its so sober & simple which i like most.

  5. At first glance, your engagement and wedding rings look either handcrafted or made at the same time. I was really surprised when you said that the other one is already 80 years old! It looks like it’s brand new! I can tell that the ring has been very well restored. This must be one of your most precious possessions.

  6. Just by staring at it, I don’t think I’ll be able to distinguish which one is the new one. You must take care of this 80-year old heirloom so that it’ll live for a hundred more years.


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