Friday, August 10, 2012

My Wedding Planning: Save the Dates

Our virtual save-the-date

I've been trying my best to blog about my wedding planning in the order that everything actually happened, and I think that what came next was sending out the save-the-dates for our winter wedding.

Having a winter wedding was a decision we sort of fell into and it ended up being the absolute perfect choice. My husband is in the Army and has very little control over his schedule and after exploring some dates, we realized our best bet would be to have our wedding during Christmas leave, a guaranteed time off from training. We spoke to the Cathedral where we wanted to have the ceremony and they had December 30th available, a Friday evening, nestled between the magic of Christmas and the excitement of New Years. My parents’ anniversary is December 28, another special sign that this was the right time for our wedding. And my husband and I have always loved the romance of the holidays and I knew that our part of Upstate New York would look especially lovely with a blanket of snow and twinkling white Christmas lights.

To let our friends and family know about our wedding date, we did something a little bit different than the traditional mailed postcard or note--we sent virtual save-the-dates via Paperless Post! I highly recommend this fun alternative. The card is emailed to each individual recipient as an envelope with the guest's name on the front. When you click, it leads to the Paperless Post website where the card is beautifully displayed after it pops out of the envelope. (This description might sound cheesy, but it really is so well done, tasteful and classic). The design choices tend to be understated and simple, and everything from the fonts, to the shape of the card, to the color and pattern of the envelope liner can be hand-picked. It's affordable, and you'll save some paper, too! 

The click-able, personalized envelope that the card arrives in

We had used Paperless Post previously to send out an engagement announcement, and after our wedding, we sent a card to all of our guests thanking them for celebrating our day with us and sharing a link to our wedding photos.

If you're looking for a chic, affordable, very 21st-century way of announcing your wedding date, you can't go wrong with Paperless Post!


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